Be a Hero

Let Me Ask You a Question …

What’s keeping you from getting what you want in life?

  • Do you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over and then beating yourself up because you “just can’t seem to learn?”
  • Do you constantly wrestle with self-discipline and fail?
  • Do your long-term goals always seem to get derailed by the ‘URGENT!’ and the ‘NOW!’?
  • Have you lived with last-minute deadlines for so long you’ve actually convinced yourself you “just work better under pressure?”

What if I told you it isn’t your fault?
You’re NOT broken.

I can help you get what you want.

I can help you discover your best self, move further toward your dreams and show you how to become the Hero of your own epic story.

But first, you have to know what you really want.

When I asked myself what I really wanted, the answer surprised me.

What I really want is … to help you get what YOU want.

No, really.

Okay, right now you’re probably asking yourself …

Why on earth would you want to help me?

THAT is a very smart question.

Short answer: Because I grew up with a disability and all my life people told me what THEY thought I couldn’t do … and it made me mad (Spoiler: I did it anyway).

And then I saw how this was also happening to lots of other people too! … which REALLY made me mad.

Which is why I’ve spent most of my life doing just two things:

  1. Things I truly enjoy doing and
  2. Working to ensure others can do what THEY want to do too.

And I’ve done some REALLY interesting things!

Now, I’ve taken all those things I’ve learned and I’m using that experience to help others achieve their dreams.

I can help you on your life journey.

The Hero Engine

I’ve developed a system I call The Hero Engine.

It’s a set of fun, transformative tools that use an intuitive story-based approach. It’s combined with a series of visualization and anchoring techniques that allow you to:

  • Discover your hidden potential.
  • Move forward with confidence and purpose.
  • Create success. And
  • Become the hero your own story.

How does it work?

Albert Einstein said, “You can’t solve problems at the same level you were at when you created them.”

The Hero Engine is a series of mind/body hacks and creativity exercises designed to break you out of your default head space and challenge all those self-limiting assumptions that continue to sabotage your success.

It’s also a set of real-world tools that will inspire you to greatness and help you get the things you need to do DONE.

The Hero Engine is NOT a planner/productivity system. If you’re like me you have plenty of those already. It’s a way to make the system you’re already using even more effective … The Hero Engine will make it GO.

End result: whatever you want in life … where ever your hero story takes you … you can use The Hero Engine to get there.

You CAN overcome the obstacles you face on your journey.
You CAN achieve the success you desire.

I can give you tools that will empower you to realize your full potential.

It’s Easy

All you have to do is give me a call, send me a text, or drop me an email to set up your one-on-one appointment.

  • Unlock and access your best self.
  • Gain fresh insights and new perspectives.
  • Identify obstacles that stand in your way
  • Find the answers you are looking for.

Get a FREE Consultation

It’s a great way to start your journey. It’s easy. It’s fun. And it’s FREE!

There is absolutely NO risk.

Here’s how it works …

We set up an appointment and a place to meet … someplace we can talk easily. A coffee shop can work really well for this, but it can be pretty much anywhere you feel comfortable.

People often ask if they can bring a friend along to share the experience. Yes, absolutely. This is about your life journey. You should do whatever will make you feel relaxed and safe.

I’ll guide you through a simple visualization exercise my mother taught me. It’s easy and fun, and it’s a great way to jump start your journey. 

Not only will it help you identify obstacles on your path, but it will also let you intuitively tap into the strengths you already possess to overcome them.

And once you learn how to do it yourself, you can do it ANY time you need, using just a pencil and a note pad.

All it takes is the ability to imagine who you could be … and about 15 minutes of your time.

You cannot fail.

Because, when we’re done … even if you do nothing else, you will be one step further along on your journey, full of positive energy and open to the wonderful possibilities ahead of you.

Give me a call, send me a text or drop me an email NOW

to set up your one-on-one appointment and find out for yourself.

Safe journeys,
~ Doc A

C.E. “Doc” Anderson
TXT or PH: 515-966-4377