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If you care to learn why some of my entertainer friends think I’m nuts for doing these shows…and my response to them…you’ll find the story in the P.S.

Here’s A Unique Program Your Residents Will Love

I almost didn’t use that headline, because I don’t like sounding like I’m bragging. But my wife, Andrea, said, “It’s not bragging if it’s true.” So I feel I can safely say your residents will love my show for two reasons:

FIRST, because each time I perform, I look out over the audience … and I see lots of people having a great time! You, too, will see your folks smiling, laughing, clapping, participating…and actively reminiscing during my show.

SECOND, because I’ve done this program for literally hundreds of nursing homes, assisted living homes and retirement communities in the Midwest over the past several years. And I’m proud to say that 66% of my shows are RE-bookings…bookings for folks like you who’ve brought me back one, two, even up to five times!

What Makes It Unique?

Would you agree that at least 95% of the entertainment available to you is musical?

And, do you often say to yourself, “I wish I could find something different!”?

Well then, since this ISN’T a musical program, it’s already different from 95% of your other options.

I bet you also get a few calls from magicians, right? Well, here’s something odd: Even though my show involves magic…it’s not a magic show either!

OK. I’ve teased you long enough. So…

Doc Anderson presents
“Step Right Up!” … Carnies, Hucksters and Pitchmen
Tall Tales! • Flim-Flam! • Fun!

It’s a light-hearted 30-minute comedy program that’s filled with humor, interactive stories, and nostalgia about Doc’s experiences growing up among carnies, hucksters, and pitchmen. There’s even a few magic tricks and LOTS of audience involvement, and Doc invites the audience to reminiscence about some of the colorful characters they’ve encountered in their own experiences.

And It’s full of the kind of down-home, corny humor that will put you in mind of folks like Mark Twain, Will Rodgers, and Red Skelton … the kind of clean entertainment that brings a big smile to everyone’s face.

(And as an activity director, you’ll be happy to know that even though there are some magic tricks, they don’t involve smoke or fire!)

You’ll hear lots of chuckles and applause during the show

  • because its full of good, old-fashioned malarkey,
  • because a couple of your residents will get to participate directly in the show (That gives everybody something to talk about for the rest of the day!),
  • because it evokes memories (I’ve had folks tell me it really does remind them of traveling shows they saw as youngsters!),
  • because I use large, bright props that are easy to see,
  • because I narrate the action to assist those with limited vision,
  • because I speak loudly and clearly enough for your residents to hear (my baritone voice is in a range most folks can hear),
  • because I make adjustments in my show to meet your audience at their level of ability, and
  • because it’s always in good taste!

I take time to reminisce with your residents.

This might be the most important part of my presentation! Not all groups are equally talkative, of course. But I always give folks a chance to share their memories.

Depending on the group, we may spend from five to 15 minutes chatting. So even though my show itself is 30 minutes long, you’ll want to schedule 40-45 minutes for our activity.

And sometimes I get the best stories from audience members!

One time, while reminiscing with audience members, a lady told me of a time she went to a medicine show. Among his other wares, the man was selling spices. She wanted to buy some vanilla, which he was selling in little glass bottles topped with a cork.

Suspiciously, she asked, “Is that real vanilla?”

The man said, “Sure is, ma’am. Here, smell the cork.”

As he removed the cork from one of the bottles and waved it under her nose, she smelled the unmistakable sweet aroma of vanilla. So she bought a bottle. But when she got home…

She found she’d just paid good money for a bottle of water topped by a cork which had been dipped in vanilla!

Stories like this make my day! More importantly,

they make your residents’ day
when my show jogs their collective memories…

…and they get to share their priceless memories with each other.

Isn’t this the kind of enriching experience you strive to provide your residents every day?

Many Activity Directors Tell Me They Appreciate…

…the fact that I always treat my audiences with respect.

Regardless of their ability level. I don’t talk down to your residents or insult their intelligence.

Some of that sensitivity comes from over 30 years of performing experience with hundreds of shows for seniors under my belt…

Some of it comes from a lot of experience with special needs populations. (I’ve worked as an advocate for families of children with disabilities as they negotiate the school system.)…

And some of it comes from my own experience as a person with cerebral palsy. It affects my legs and causes me to walk with a limp.

And while we’re on the subject of treating others with respect,

Here’s something about your situation I promise to respect:

When you bring me into your place, I’m keenly aware that I’m representing YOU. You, the activity director…and you, the whole staff.

I also know I’m a guest in your residents’ home.

So, my pledge to you is, from the moment I park my vehicle in your lot till I drive away, I’ll treat everyone with dignity. (Even someone having a bad day is still a human being.)

Will This Show Work At Your Facility?

Naturally, I’m biased on that question. So I’ll turn this question over to a few of your colleagues:

Our independent living residents were recently treated to a fun performance as Erik “Doc” Anderson shared his magic and old-fashioned humor…“Doc” was very entertaining and everyone enjoyed his portrayal of days gone by which brought smiles to their faces! Truly a program that everyone would enjoy!

Brenda Hostetler, President
Pennsylvania Place, Ottumwa, IA

(Doc) performed for our nursing home residents and they thoroughly enjoyed his combination of humor, nostalgia, and magic. He engaged the residents in the show, even asking for some volunteers to assist. They were laughing, clapping, and talking about the event afterwards. One of our residents stated, “I have never been to anything like this before, boy he is good.” I wanted to recommend his show….He was easy to work with and I know I will be asking for another booking in the future.

Cameo Rogers, CTRS, CDP, Life Enrichment Coordinator
Brookstone Village, Omaha, NE

Thank you for performing your traveling medicine show. Erik, your showmanship skills are outstanding. It was fun hearing people say that your show was exactly the way they remembered traveling medicine shows.

Joanna Riedel, Program Coordinator
Center for Active Seniors, Inc., Davenport, IA

Can You Picture Your Residents Enjoying My Show?

If you can imagine hearing them buzzing about this experience after it’s over…if it feels like it might be a fun activity…if you’re seeing particular residents in your mind who’d get a kick out it…

Go ahead and find out more…

Why don’t you get in touch with us now, while it’s on your mind. Send me an email or give me a call. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and discuss scheduling options.

Phone: (636) 686-0861
Email: Doc@DocAnderson.com

P.S.: At the top of the page I promised to tell you about the strange reaction I get from some of my fellow entertainers. This also gives me a chance to tell YOU why it’s important to me to serve your residents:

Some Of My Entertainer Friends Are Appalled!

The ones who are only interested in fame and fortune, that is. Like me, they earn four-figure fees in other markets.

So they shake their heads in disbelief and ask me why in the world I would “waste my time” with low-budget shows in places like nursing homes, assisted living homes and retirement communities?

My answer is simple. It’s not a waste of time at all,

because my first hero was my grandfather.

I’ll tell you why that motivates me to do shows for seniors in just a second. But first,

let me tell you a little about Grandpa.

He was larger than life. (At least to me.)

He was a horseman. And truth be told…a bit of a scoundrel.

He’d been a boxer, a coal miner and a railroad worker. He was a hard man. In fact, his hands were so huge, I’m sure he must’ve been the hand model for the baseball glove!

Other kids my age were kinda scared of him.

But actually, he was a burnt marshmallow: crusty on the outside, warm and soft on the inside.
Now you must understand, the man never stopped working. He was never in a rush. But he was never idle. Still…

No matter how busy he was, he always had time for us grandkids.

Oh, the amazing stories he’d tell!

From the time I could walk, I wanted to help him work…to be part of this big man’s world.

And he always gave me a job. Even when I was so small my “help” ended up making more work for him. As I got older, he’d take the time to show me how to do the jobs right.

There was no greater honor I could aspire to than to have his paw rest on my shoulder and hear him say, “Erik, you’re a helluva worker. Wish I had more good men like you around here.”

I swear, most of my growth spurts happened when I heard those treasured words.

So it was Grandpa who taught me:

As important as work is, people are more important. Even those who can’t help you “make it to the top.”

So, when I do shows for senior communities, I’m honoring my first hero.

And since I’ve been old enough to reflect on the effortless way Grandpa taught me important life lessons (which he did by LIVING his values, not preaching them),

I’ve developed a special respect for
folks who’ve been around the block a time or two.

One of my favorite sayings is, “Old age and treachery beat youth and stamina every time.”

As a performer it’s gratifying to play to audiences who bring a lot of life experience to the table.

Even if they’re not always physically able to demonstrate their appreciation with wild applause, they “get” a lot of the little nuances I throw into the show.

I hear about it in our reminiscing time following the performance.

So, all in all, why do I do shows for seniors…even though I could be making over 10 times the money performing elsewhere?

Because, for me…

It’s an honor
to celebrate the richness and dignity
of the lives of our elders.

But if you’re an activity director, I don’t have to tell you this. You already know, don’t you? This is an honor you and I both share.

See you soon!

Please get in touch while it’s on your mind.

PHONE & TEXT: (636) 686-0861
EMAIL: Doc@DocAnderson.com

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