Project H.E.R.O.

Hero Image

This page isn’t about my shows and programs. That’s my day job … and yes, it’s every bit as cool as it sounds. But ultimately, that’s just how I make a living.

Project H.E.R.O. (TM) is how I choose to make the world around me a better place; how I help others. It’s what I live to do.

I want to help people challenge the things that are holding them back; things like labels, limits and fear, give them the power to create their own blueprint for success and the tools to finally make it happen.

I help people who’ve been told what they can’t do, show the world what they can do.

Project H.E.R.O. is about helping people become the hero of their own story.

So let me ask you a question …

What’s keeping you from getting what you want in life?

  • Do you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over and then beating yourself up because you “just can’t seem to learn?”
  • Do you constantly wrestle with self-discipline and fail?
  • Do your long-term goals always seem to get derailed by the ‘URGENT!’ and the ‘NOW!’?
  • Have you lived with last-minute deadlines for so long you’ve actually convinced yourself you “just work better under pressure?”

What if I told you it isn’t your fault and that you’re NOT broken?

You Just Need a Hero!

… and that hero is YOU!

I help people discover their best self, move further toward your dreams and show them how to become the hero of their own epic story.

Because I believe …

  • You CAN overcome the obstacles in front of you.
  • You CAN achieve the success you desire.
  • You CAN break your cycle of failure!

But first, you have to know what you really want.

When I asked myself what I really wanted, the answer surprised me.

What I really want is … to help you get what YOU want.

No, really.

Okay, right now you’re probably asking yourself …

Why on earth would you want to help me?

THAT is a very smart question.

Short answer: Because I grew up with a disability and all my life people told me what THEY thought I couldn’t do … and it made me mad (Spoiler: I did it anyway).

And then I saw how this was also happening to lots of other people too! … which REALLY made me mad.

Which is why I’ve spent most of my life doing just two things:

  1. Things I truly enjoy doing (and I’ve done some REALLY interesting things)
  2. Working to ensure others can do what THEY want to do too

In the process I’ve created some really cool tools that I like to share with others.

They will inspire you to greatness and help you DO the things you need to do.

  • Move forward with confidence and purpose,
  • Discover your hidden strength,
  • Define and create your own success, and
  • Become the hero your own story!

That’s Project H.E.R.O.

What kind of hero are you?